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Burrow aspires to be a haven for designers and builders of all kinds. Whether you’re a creative designer, a passionate entrepreneur, a feisty freelancer, or a Bangalorean tired of cramped up spaces that take hours to commute to – Burrow is for you.

At Burrow, we are on a path to create the perfect ‘frat house’ for students, professionals, and other creative folks. Our motto is ‘collaborate, connect, create.’ and we’ve designed the space to help you do exactly that.


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what our coworkers say


Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, so being in a working space alongside people in same position as you is great. You are able to share the highs and lows and always bounce ideas off each other. Especially seeing as everyone has different businesses in various sectors- there is such a huge skill share – therefore, it’s not only hugely economical, but also great for mental focus.

— Harshvardhan D.M, Transparent Polimers


We’re based out of Le Burrow. Our company, Architecture Atelier, is a Architecture and Interior firm .Thanks to the B2B we’ve grown our team from 2 people to 8 at an affordable cost and with the flexibility to grow and sometimes briefly decline without huge commitments to changing leases and without the inconvenience of changing offices several times.

Arood Desai, Architect


I’m the owner of a PR company and we actually co-habit with one of our clients. It’s great for keeping overheads down, building a team environment when the company is growing and is better for productivity by allowing people who would normally have to work from home to get the buzz and motivation of an office environment.

— Imran Anjum, Panache Associates



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